OctaneRender® is the world’s first and fastest unbiased, spectrally correct GPU render engine, delivering quality and speed unrivaled by any production render engine on the market. What does that mean? Most render engines use RGB-based calculations to create final images, breaking down all of the components of your scenes into three primary colors for calculation. Octane, being a spectral render engine is quite different: Octane uses the values of light itself within the visible spectrum. This gives a truer final result in terms of accuracy to illumination and intensity which make up the final colors of an image. Colors blend more accurately, depth of field and motion blur mimic the actual physics of light and can blend in with the real thing, seamlessly. Even better, with the fantastic speed of Octane you can work with your scene in what is effectively real time -- see the results of any change you make to materials, lighting, cameras and so on right there on your screen, using Live Viewer. That means fewer test renders are needed, saving you time, and giving you more time to explore your creative options. No other rendering engine can match the feedback you get when using OctaneRender.

GPU development has allowed Octane to leverage an incredible amount of power and speed to bring you an incredible imaging tool that will completely change the way you fulfill your creativity. 

The OctaneRender development team have an incessant need for speed and do whatever they can to squeeze as much performance as possible out of OctaneRender. It's a matter of pride. OTOY® is proud to advance the state of the art once again with the latest release of OctaneRender®.

OctaneRender® Plugin for Cinema 4D®

The C4DOctane plugin is your gateway into the power of OctaneRender within Cinema 4D, offering tools such as:

    • The incredible Live Viewer which presents your scene fully lit and rendered in near real time.
    • The Octane Node Editor in which you create amazing, physically accurate, photo-realistic materials for all of the objects in your scene.
    • Definitions for so many different types of materials, including an online database of materials (LiveDB) to get you started.
    • Support for the Open Shading Language standard developed by Sony Imageworks
    • A tool to convert your Cinema 4D materials into Octane materials.
    • The Texture Manager for your materials, which helps you to update and keep track of your textures as needed.
    • Tools to illuminate all aspects of your scene with lighting that mimics the real world, including a realistic sun and various sky models, and even a planetary environment.
    • Environmental tools, fog environments, clouds, or imported volume objects from a variety of sources via the OpenVDB format.
    • Tools to efficiently populate cities, forests, asteroids, whatever you need.
    • Photo-realistic cameras, toon lights, post processing tools for that added sweetening.
    • Much, much more

To see the release notes for this version, see here. Note that some features in the release notes are not available in the c4doctane plugin.


Copyright of this manual belongs to OTOY Inc. Copyright for images belongs to their corresponding authors. Cinema 4D® copyright by Maxon®, CUDA is copyright by Nvidia.

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