First Installation

Ensure that DAZStudio is not currently running on your PC, then run the provided installation file (e.g., OctaneRender_for_DazStudio_2_24_2_1_Win64.exe). The installer will copy the plugin files as follows:

When installing the plugin on Windows, you must be installing as the user that will be using DAZ Studio, and that user must have Admin access.

After copying all needed files, the Activation Manager is started to initialize the plugin before first use.

Updating the DAZ Plugin

If an updated version of the DAZ plugin version is available, you can download it from the Otoy forum, DAZ Studio section.

The Installer will lead you through the necessary steps to update the plugin.

It is not necessary to uninstall the plugin prior updating it.


Edit the c:\Users\[username]\OctaneRender\Data\OctaneRender_switches.cfg file to set configuration options such as window and mouse behavior.