The OctaneRender® LiveDB


OctaneRender Live DB is OctaneRender’s asset database. The Live DB lets you access MaterialsA set of attributes or parameters that describe surface characteristics., groups of Nodes, and whole scenes shared by the OctaneRender® community and the OctaneRender® team.To access the LiveDB, connect your computer to the internet, click the Window menu, and select Octane DB.

Figure 1: Accessing OctaneRender Live DB from Blender®


After selecting the Octane DB option, you can access the OctaneRender® LiveDB Materials tree.


Figure 2: The Octane DB window


Right-click on a MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. preview, then click Import to download and set the choosen Material to the current active Blender® material (its name is shown in the LiveDB window's header). If the active Object does not have any set Material, OctaneRender® creates the Material automatically.


Figure 3: Right-clicking on a Material to import it into Blender®


After downloading a LiveDB Material and setting it to an Object, you can work with it as with any other OctaneRender® Material in the Shader Editor window.

Figure 4: An Octane LiveDB Material in the Blender® Node Editor