Round Edges


The Round Edges node rounds off geometry edges by using a shading effect instead of creating additional geometry. It’s best used for rounded edges that will appear small in the final render.

Figure 1: Round Edges parameters


Round Edges Parameters

Mode - The Fast mode uses the rounding method introduced in OctaneRender® v3. The Accurate mode produces better-looking results, but may be slower. Accurate mode can select the affected edges by using the Concave Only or Convex Only options.

Radius - The rounded edge's radius.

Roundness - Controls the rounded edge's shape. A value of 1 is completely round, while 0 is a chamfer.

Samples - The number of rays to use when sampling neighboring geometry.

Consider Other Objects - Controls how rounded edges are applied to different objects. When enabled, intersections between different objects are rounded. When disabled, only the current object is considered.

Figure 2: Consider Other Objects (left is disabled, right is enabled)