Octane Out Of Core


Out of Core textures allow for use of more textures than would fit in the graphic memory (VRAM) by keeping them in the host memory (RAM). This means that as the CPU accommodates requests to access the host memory, CPU usage will increase and any RAM occupied with out-of-core textures will not be available to other applications. The Out of Core parameters can be accessed from the Out of Core rollout in the Render window (figure 1).

Figure 1: Accessing the Out of Core settings in the Render window.


When using Out-Of-Core textures on Render Nodes via the Octane Network RenderingThe utilization of multiple CPUs or GPUs over a network to complete the rendering process. Feature, enough RAM is also required for the Render Nodes. For net render Render Nodes, users can specify the out-of-core memory options during the installation of the daemon. When specifying this for the Render Nodes, the out of core memory amount should be entered in bytes, not Gbytes.