Installing On Linux


To install OctaneBlender® and OctaneServer, open up the Linux Terminal dialog, then type chmod +x and press Enter. Next, type chmod +x and press Enter. If Linux asks for your root password, enter it accordingly.


After running those commands, you can install the applications. First, type ./ -i and press Enter. When that command finishes, type ./ -i and press Enter. Linux installs OctaneBlender® and OctaneServer in the /usr/local/OctaneBlender directory.


To run OctaneServer, type OctaneServer and press Enter. To run OctaneBlender®, type OctaneBlender and press Enter.


You can also run these applications from the /usr/local/OctaneBlender folder, but the installation process asks for permission, so we recommend running the programs with the sudo command.


Uninstalling OctaneBlender® and OctaneServer

To uninstall these programs, follow these steps.

  1. Remove the OctaneBlender folder (/usr/local/OctaneBlender).
  2. Remove the binary links for the programs by typing sudo rm -f /usr/bin/OctaneServer, then pressing Enter.
  3. Do the same for the OctaneBlender® binary by typing sudo rm -f /usr/bin/OctaneBlender and pressing Enter.
  4. Remove the Octane libraries - depending on your Linux system, type sudo rm -f /usr/lib/ or sudo rm -f /usr/lib64/