The Viewport option opens the Octane Viewport window (figure 1).


Figure 1: Opening the Octane Viewport from the Octane menu


The Octane Viewport provides a render window for viewing and editing of scenes rendered with Octane (figure 2).


Figure 2: The Octane Viewport


  1. Allows for viewing AOVs specified in the Render Target settings.
  2. When activated, the resolution in the Film Settings will update to reflect resizing of the Octane Viewport window.
  3. Sets the frame buffer type to HDR.
  4. Render Controls
  5. Interactive Picking Tools
  6. Render Options
  7. Export Image Tools
  8. Render Window Tools
  9. Provides a checkbox list of all render flags available.
  10. Provides information on Kernel samples and render times for the current render.
  11. Focuses to specific categories in the Render Target Details window.