Software Requirements


OctaneRender® for Unreal® Engine requires:

OctaneRender for Unreal Engine runs on the following operating systems:


NVIDIA® cuDNN Library File



OctaneRender requires an NVIDIA® driver supporting at least CUDA® 9.1, and a graphics driver that is version 388.x or higher. You can find the download links for Windows® and Linux here, and the download links for Mac® can be found here. Failure to install these driver versions may result in lack of stability. We cannot provide support to users of different driver versions. It is recommended to install the latest NVIDIA drivers as requirements to run UE5 are more stringent than the requirements for OctaneRender.

The CUDA® driver is the part of the NVIDIA® driver stack that OctaneRender® uses. On Linux and Windows®, it is part of the NVIDIA® graphics driver, while on macOS® systems, it is a separate installation.

If you install any recent NVIDIA® graphics driver on Linux and Windows®, it installs a CUDA® driver that supports CUDA® 9.1. The CUDA® toolkit is only for development, and does not have to be installed. The toolkit includes a graphic driver, but it may not be the latest version.