The Animation node controls the shutter interval. The value is relative to the frame time, which is set in the time slider via the FPS option. These setting are accessible from the Octane Render Target Actor, in the Animation drop-down located in the Details panel.


Figure 1: The Animation settings


Animation Parameters

Shutter Alignment - Specifies how the shutter interval aligns to the current time. This determines when OctaneRender® triggers the shutter. The options are Before, Symmetrical, or After, and they apply to each frame thereafter relative to the given frame rate.

Shutter Time - This specifies the shutter time percentage relative to a single frame's duration. Shutter Time controls how much time the shutter stays open. You can set this parameter to any value above 100%.

Subframe Start/Subframe End - Specifies the approach, in terms of proportion (%) to simulate the camera’s shutter speed for that particular frame. OctaneRender® uses Subframe Start and End percentages to render a portion of a particular frame. If the scene has a lot of motion blur, OctaneRender® uses these parameters to render a piece of that motion blur. Values of 0% and 100% render the whole frame (default).