RecorderOctane feature parallel to the Unity Recorder which captures video and images during gameplay and records to various media formats. combines batch rendering and Play Mode to render animations in Play Mode and save the rendered images to disc (Figure 1). This works for animation built with the Unity® TimelineAn Octane feature parallel to Unity Timeline, which is used for creating cinematic content in-engine. as well as animations triggered during gameplay. However, Recorder does not necessarily work in real-time because the scene needs compilation and rendering for OctaneRender®.

Figure 1: Accessing the Recorder from the Octane menu


To use Recorder with OctaneRender:

  1. Start with a scene that has animated elements. Make sure that OctaneRender is installed and loaded.
  2. Add a PBR Render Target and adjust the render settings accordingly.
  3. Open the Recorder window from the Octane menu.
  4. Set the appropriate preferences in the Recorder window.
  5. Press the Start button. The PBR viewport opens and OctaneRender compiles the scene. The scene then renders and updates once each render is complete, saving each frame to disc. If an animation is present, OctaneRender plays through the animation and the render similar to a batch render. If the game is playing, OctaneRender renders each frame of the game play. (Note: Real-time rendering may not be possible during game play mode.)


Figure 2: The Recorder window


Recorder Parameters