Lighting and Texture Baking


In OctaneRender®, texture baking is implemented via the Baking camera (Figure 2). In contrast to the Thin Lens and Panoramic cameras, the Baking camera has one position and direction per sample.

For each sample, the Baking camera calculates the geometry position and normal. Then, using the same direction as the normal, the camera generates a ray that points towards it from the configured kernel’s Ray Epsilon distance. Once calculated, OctaneRender traces the ray the same way as it would trace with other types of cameras.


Figure 1: Selecting the Baking CameraAn Octane Camera Type, which can be accessed via the PBR Render Target Inspector Window. This Camera is used for Lighting and Texture Baking in the PBR Render Target’s Inspector window


Baking Camera Parameters



UV Region

Baking Position