Light AOVs


The Light AOVs isolates a light source's contribution. Each light AOV behaves as if all the other lights in the scene are switched off. You can combine individual light AOVs to recreate the original render in post, or to further adjust the individual contributions of each light during post. The light AOVs available are:

To use light AOVs, each light emitter needs to be identified and mapped to the desired Light AOV. This is done by assigning the Light Pass ID in each Emission node in the scene (figure 1).


Figure 1: Assign Light pass ID in the Emission nodes


A Light AOV node with a corresponding Light ID needs to be added to the Render Target node (figure 2).


Figure 2: Seting up Light AOV nodes


To see the passes, enable the lighting AOVs according to the existing assigned IDs (figure 3).


Figure 3: Enabling the light AOV in the render viewport