Creating An OTOY® Account


To create an OTOY® account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the  Sign-In button at the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Click Register A New Account.

    Figure 1: Clicking on Register A New Account

  4. Enter your information in the Sign Up page, then click the Register button.

    Figure 2: Sign Up page

  5. In the Complete Registration form, enter your information in the User Information tab, then click Continue.

    Figure 3: Complete Registration form

  6. Continue entering your information in the Billing Information tab, then click Continue.

    Figure 4: Billing Information tab

  7. The following step depends on whether or not you have an Octane forum account.
    1. If you do not have a forum account, one is created for you at this time. Enter your forum account password in the Password and Confirm Password fields, then click Continue.

      Figure 5: Forum Account tab

    2. If you do have a forum account, click I Have A Forum Account, enter your forum account password, then click Continue. You can return to the account creation screen by clicking I Don't Have A Forum Account.

      Figure 6: I Don't Have A Forum Account option

  8. Click I Am Not A Robot in the mCAPTCHA screen.

    Figure 7: mCAPTCHA screen


Confirming Current OctaneRender® Licenses

The Licenses page shows the following licensing information about each of your purchased OctaneRender® applications.

Figure 8: Licenses tab


License ID - Your license ID number.

V1-2 Password - This is the password for your Octane application if it is earlier than version 3. If you are using version 3 or newer, you do not need to use this.

Version - The latest version of OctaneRender®.

Status - The status of your licenses.

Unlocks Left - If you are running OctaneRender v3 or newer, this is the number of times you can unlock this product before you must contact OctaneRender support at [email protected] to unlock it.

Click the Download button on this page to download the latest version of OctaneRender. Click the Manual button to download the latest HTML5 version of the manual for the application.

If your OTOY account is active and the license is not locked, you can sign into the OctaneRender licensing system and run OctaneRender.

Note: Be sure to scroll to the licensing information at the bottom of this page for answers to common questions about the licensing process.