Baking Camera

The Baking Camera is used to bake textures and illumination into new texture maps for scene optimization.


Figure 1: The parameters of the Baking camera in the Node Inspector


Baking Camera Parameters

Baking Group ID - Specifies the group ID to bake. By default, all objects belong to the default baking group number 1.

UV Set - This determines the UV coordinates to use for baking.

Revert Baking - Flips the camera directions.


Padding Size - The number of pixels added to the UV map edges. The padding size is specified in pixels. The default padding size is set to 4 pixels, with 0 being the minimum and 16 being the maximum size.


Figure 2: A comparison of different padding settings in the Baking camera


Edge Noise Tolerance - Helps remove hot pixels appearing near the UV edges. Values close to 1 do not remove any hot pixels, while values near 0 attempts to remove them all.

UV Region

Minimum - The coordinates in UV space for the origin of the bounding region for baking.

Size - This is the size in UV space of the bounding region for baking.

Baking Position

Use Baking Position - Uses the position for baking position-dependent artifacts.

Position - This is the camera position for position-dependent artifacts such as reflections.

Backface Culling - This determines whether to bake back-facing geometry.