Alembic Import Preferences


You can manage AlembicAn open format used to bake animated scenes for easy transfer between digital content creation tools. import preferences by clicking on File > Preferences > Geometry Import > Alembic.


Figure 1: Alembic tab


Alembic Import Preferences

Length Unit - Tells OctaneRender® the unit of measurement used in the geometry. The default unit is in meters.

Object Layers - This controls how Object layer pins are created on the Mesh node to control the discrete objects.

Object Smoothing




Vertex Data

Face-Varying Data

Face-varying data like UVs and color sets are used when OctaneRender requires discontinuities in the data over the surface - often the seams between disjoint UV regions. Face-varying data can follow the same interpolation behavior as vertex data, or it can be constrained to interpolate linearly around selective features from corners, boundaries, or the entire Mesh interior.