Troubleshooting Network Rendering Issues


Octane registers one slave GPUThe GPU is responsible for displaying graphical elements on a computer display. The GPU plays a key role in the Octane rendering process as the CUDA cores are utilized during the rendering process. out of a multiple number of slave GPUS

Ensure that you are not remote controlling via Windows Remote Desktop tool — particularly on Windows 10 systems. This method allocates only one GFX card to the session causing Octane to see only one video card over the entire network.


Octane registers one GPU or some slave GPUs but not all the slave GPUS in the network

Users can not activate devices by specifying GPUs directly, if these are not activated automatically. More so, if there are some underlying issues in the system already then sometimes the devices are registered properly during the startup of the computer and sometimes not.


Try unplugging some of the GPUs to see if the computer works fine with less cards, and later add more (one by one) to know when the network and system begins to fail. It may be possible that there is a defective network cable that pulls connection speed down to unexpected lows such as 10Mbs.


Master indicates "slave failed" and Slave indicates "Detected heart beat of slave stopped -> Stopping slave."

Double -check that no other program running in either the slave machine or the master machine is obstructing signals or causing heartbeats to stop. This is generally the result of antivirus software or the Windows OS Security measures and the likes, which may kill normal operations once it suspects these operations to be functioning similar to a computer virus.


Network RenderingThe utilization of multiple CPUs or GPUs over a network to complete the rendering process. worked in a previous session, but now after a few days and no changes to the machines, the Network Rendering feature no longer works.

Ensure that the slave daemons in the slave machines have appropriate permissions. Try running the slave daemons with administrative rights (right click -> “Run as Administrator”)


For other issues, consult the OctaneRender Community Board and Forums or contact [email protected].