The Render Viewport

Figure 1: The Render Viewport

Information in the Render progress indicator includes the following:


Information included in the GPUThe GPU is responsible for displaying graphical elements on a computer display. The GPU plays a key role in the Octane rendering process as the CUDA cores are utilized during the rendering process. quick information bar:


Right-clicking on the Render progress indicator and the GPU quick information bar invokes general statistics affecting GPU resources:



The Render Viewport (Figure 1) is used to manipulate the scene interactively. Unlike traditional renderers, Octane allows the user to adjust many aspects of the scene while maintaining a complete rendering environment. Horizontal and vertical scrollbars on the renderview allows viewing parts of the image that fall out of the display area.


The Render Viewport contains buttons located at the bottom of the window (Figure 2) that allow the user to control several aspects of the render process.

Figure 2: Render Viewport Icons


The time slider becomes visible among the render viewport buttons when an alembic file containing a scene with animated geometry is loaded.