OctaneRender supports infinite planes through the Plane primitive. Infinite planes are useful for working on scale models allowing the camera to zoom out infinitely. It is applicable in space-expansive scenes like outer space, oceans, and cityscapes, among others, and makes it possible to see the entire scope of a scene as it sits on a vast and never ending terrain.

Figure 1: Image of terrain and plane in scene


The Plane primitive is represented by the Plane geometry node and may take a material input. You can add up to 4 infinite planes to a scene using the Plane geometry node. The UV mapping is aligned with the X/-Z coordinate axis, but you can also apply a transformation to the object using the Placement/Scatter nodes. DisplacementThe process of utilizing a 2D texture map to generate 3D surface relief. As opposed to bump and normal mapping, Displacement mapping does not only provide the illusion of depth but it effectively displaces the actual geometric position of points over the textured surface. mapping does not work on infinite planes.


Figure 2: Image of Plane in the Nodegraph