The release archive contains everything you need to run OctaneRender® for SideFX® Solaris™ in Houdini®, including the Octane libraries, plugin binaries, menu shelf, HDAs, etc. NOTE: Octane for Solaris is merged with the latest OctaneRender® build for Houdini, therefore there is no need to install the main Houdini plugin. Once Octane for Solaris is installed, you will have access to OctaneRender in the SOP environment as well.


Compatible Houdini Products


Plugin Installation

To install OctaneRender for Houdini, decompress the archive you download from the OctaneRender website and copy the resulting uncompressed files somewhere.

Insert the OctaneRender plugin folder path to the houdini.env file. Houdini creates this file after launch it for the first time.

The location of this file varies for each platform:

On Linux and macOS® systems, append a single line to enable OctaneRender:

HOUDINI_PATH = "/path/to/octane;&"


On Windows systems, you need to set the PATH to point to the plugin bin folder as well:

PATH = "C:\Users\user\Documents\OctaneSolarisEnterprise_2021.1.5.0_Houdini_19.0.622\bin;&"

HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\Users\user\Documents\OctaneSolarisEnterprise_2021.1.5.0_Houdini_19.0.622;&"




Setting this environment variable outputs any error related to loading the OctaneRender plugin on the command line, which is useful for diagnosing installation problems: