Importing From SOPs


Solaris™ is designed to be primarily a lighting and shading environment. Ideally, all material and lighting design will be done in the Solaris environment, hence the name LOP (figure 1).


This manual focuses on the workflow needed to get started using Octane within the Solaris LOP environment. It is not a general primer for Solaris-specific tasks nor is it a comprehensive manual for Octane.

Detailed information pertaining to Solaris can be found on the SideFX® website and in-depth information regarding all Octane nodes and functionality can be found in the OctaneRender® for Houdini® documentation.



Figure 1: The SOP environment on the left and the shaded LOP environment on the right.


The SOP Import LOP imports SOP geometry into the USD stage in a LOP network. Refer to the documentation on Importing SOP geometry into USD at the SideFX® website.