Random Color Texture


This node type provides a random number between 0 and 1 for each scatter instance. For the best effect, connect this node into the Amount input of a Mix material for a proxy OBJ which has a scatter .csv file (figure 1). This node needs to be used on a material for geometry which is either a.) a Rhino geometry item which is a block definition, or b.) an Octane ProxyAn object saved as a separate file with the purpose of being reused in larger scenes. This is used to minimize any addition to the total polygon count in the scene, especially if the scene requires the same object to appear several times. If used in conjunction with instancing, Proxies help keep very large scenes from reaching polygon limits and also keeps the relative file size of the main project file manageable. object which as a scatter .csv file defined.


Figure 1: The Random Color Texture used to randomly generate color for scatter instanced objects.