Installation of the Plugin into Rhinoceros


Important: You must uninstall the demo version of the OctaneRender for Rhino plugin via the Windows Control Panel prior to installing the commercial version.


  1. Download the .RHI installer and drag it into Rhino and follow the installation instructions. You will then need to restart Rhino.

Depending on your Windows version and security settings, you may need to “Unblock” the plugin. Please refer to for details.

  1. Once installed, the plugin is accessed via:

You will need to activate the plugin prior to using it for the first time. Enter your OctaneLive User ID and Password and click the Activate button. Once activated, the other tabs (i.e., “Settings”, “MaterialsA set of attributes or parameters that describe surface characteristics.”, etc.) will be selectable and you can start using the plugin to render.


Uninstalling the Plugin

Follow the instructions as per

You can identify the folder to delete by going to Tools->Options->Plug-ins->OctaneRenderForRhino->Properties, and the folder to delete will be identified in the File Name.