Materials Tab

The MaterialsA set of attributes or parameters that describe surface characteristics. Tab displays a list of all the Revit materials, along with the Octane node structure that those materials where converted to.


MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. Conversion

The first time a Revit material is selected from the plugin, the plugin will convert that Revit material to an Octane material. When this happens, the Octane material should be the “master copy” of that material, since changing the Revit material will not automatically change the Octane material. If you need to at any point, you can re-convert the Revit material to an Octane material by rightclicking the material tree and selecting Re-Convert From Revit.

All materials from the standard “Autodesk Materials” library and the “AFC Materials” library should bring across their default texturemaps when the plugin converts from a Revit material to an Octane material. However the texturemaps/bump maps for other materials (not in the above 2 libraries) will NOT be bought across from converted from the Revit to the Octane material (this is a limitation within Revit). In this case, manually load the texturemap/bump maps into the Octane material, and set the image “scale”, and then rightclick the material tree and select “Save as Default”. Then when that material is next used in a scene, the material conversion will pickup the Octane material you saved as the default, thus picking up the texturemap, bump maps and scale you manually setup.


Material Tab Controls

Scene Materials – This combo box contains a list of all Revit materials in the scene. Selecting a material from this box will present the Octane material for that Revit material in the tree structure.

Right-click the tree for additional options: