Linked Revit Models

If the plugin configuration option “Load Linked Files” is ticked, any Linked Revit Models in the scene will also be loaded into the Octane Viewport scene. However the materials from the linked files will NOT be imported – instead they are re-converted from the current Revit scene material, or loaded from the Octane material Default.

To edit a Linked Revit Model Octane material, select the linked model in the Revit preview scene, and then select the material from the plugin MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. tab Selection MaterialsA set of attributes or parameters that describe surface characteristics. combo box. Any modified Octane materials for linked model materials as saved in the current Revit .rvt file (and not the linked .rvt file).


Important: Do not edit the materials for a Linked Revit Model by selecting the materials from the Scene Materials combo box, because Revit will have assigned a different unique identifier to that material than the “real” material obtainable by selecting the linked model and then selecting the material from the Selection Materials combo box.


You can also select materials from Linked Revit Models by opening the OctaneRender Viewport and using the material picker.


Important Limitation: Elements from a Linked file CANNOT be used as a proxy host due to limitations withing the Revit API.