The Marble node is a Procedural texture that can create marble-like noise. It is similar to a Turbulence texture, but more fine-tuned to create marble-like patterns. Figure 1 shows a Marble texture connected to the DiffuseAmount of diffusion, or the reflection of light photons at different angles from an uneven or granular surface. Used for dull, non-reflecting materials or mesh emitters. channel of an OctaneRender® material.


Figure 1: The Marble texture creates a Procedural noise pattern


Marble Texture Parameters

Power - Controls the texture's overall brightness.

Offset - Sets the texture position in 3D space.

Omega - Controls detail in the underlying fractal pattern.

Variance - Randomizes the Marble pattern.

UVW Transform - Positions, scales, and rotates the surface texture.

Projection - Sets how the texture projects onto the surface.