Spectron Volumetric Spotlight


Spectron is a procedural lighting system that lets you create procedurally-driven volumetric lighting - like spotlights - with blockers, barn doors, gels (in the Distribution pin) and more. Spectron is exposed as a Procedural light node type, which you can use for quick volumetric effects and spotlight generation (Figure 1). To add a Spectron procedural light to the scene, right-click anywhere in the Nodegraph Editor, then click on Lights, followed by Volumetric Spotlight.


Figure 1: The Volumetric (Spectron) Spotlight added to an existing Nuke scene.


Most of the parameters associated with the Volumetric Spotlight are identical to Octane Medium nodes (for the volumetric characteristics) and Octane Emission nodes (for illumination characteristics). Please refer to these corresponding articles as reference. The following parameters are specific to the Volumetric Spotlight: