The OctaneRender node can render a pre-built (from Octane Standalone or one of the other Octane plugins) OCS or ORBXThe ORBX file format is the best way to transfer scene files from 3D Authoring software programs that use the Octane Plug-in such as Octane for Maya, Octane for Cinema 4D, or OctaneRender Standalone. This format is more efficient than FBX when working with Octane specific data as it provides a flexible, application independent format. ORBX is a container format that includes all animation data, models, textures etc. that is needed to transfer an Octane scene from one application to another. file. To do this, add an OctaneRender node to the scene, and click Import Octane Scene (figure 1). Any imported scene will overwrite the existing cene loaded in the OctaneRender node. If more than one OctaneRender scene is detected, an error will be displayed.


Figure 1: Importing an existing Octane scene in OCS or ORBX format.


IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you load OCS files rather than ORBX files from Octane Standalone, since saving scene changes (made with Edit Octane Scene) cannot be done for ORBX files.


The OctaneRender node can also render a nuke 3D scene (effectively replacing the Nuke Scanline Renderer). To do this, plug Nuke 3D geometry nodes, or a Nuke Scene node into the OctaneRender node (figure 2). As above, only one Octane Node can render in a scene at a given time.

Figure 2: Rendering a nuke scene using the OctaneRender node.