Round Edges


The Round Edges node rounds off geometry edges by using a shading effect instead of creating additional geometry. It's best used for rounded edges that will appear small in the final render.




Round Edges Parameters

Mode - The Fast mode uses the rounding method introduced in OctaneRender® v3. The Accurate mode produces better-looking results, but may be slower. Accurate mode can select the affected edges by using the Concave Only or Convex Only options.

Radius - The rounded edge's radius.

Roundness - Controls the rounded edge's shape for Accurate modes. A value of 1 is completely round, while 0 is a chamfer.

Samples - The number of rays to use when sampling the neighboring geometry for Accurate modes. More samples will generate more accurate results, at the cost of longer render times.

Consider Other Objects - When enabled, intersections between different Mesh Items are rounded. When disabled, only the current Mesh Item is considered. Only works for Accurate modes.