OctaneRender Setup Window


To open the Setup Window, select Octane > OctaneRender Setup.



It can also be opened from the OctaneRender Layout > Show Setup Window button.



The OctaneRender Setup window consists of the following areas. Please see Common Controls for more details.



Settings Toolbar - The top toolbar contains a subset of the main render controls

MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. Tools - Tools for manipulating Octane overrides and nodes.

Create Nodes - A list of available Octane nodes.

Node Properties - Displays the properties of a selected Octane node.

Status Bar - Render statistics will be displayed here while a render is in progress or paused. When rendering is stopped, the plugin version is displayed.

Modo Schematic Viewport - For details on other common areas of the layout, please consult the Modo documentation.