OSL Projection


The OSL Projection is a scriptable node which uses OSL (Open Shader LanguageA shading language developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks. There are multiple render engines that utilize OSL as it is particularly suited for physically-based renderers.) scripts to define arbitrary projection types. It's similar to an OSL Texture node, but it connects to a Projection input.

OSL is a standard created by Sony Imageworks. To learn about the generic OSL standard, information is provided from the OSL Readme and PDF documentation. To learn more about scripting within OctaneRender® using the Open Shader Language, refer to The Octane OSL Guide.

A projection shader must have one output of a point-like type. All global variables have the same meaning as within texture shaders. The output value specifies a texture coordinate.



OSL Projection Parameters

Filename - Full path and filename of the OSL file.

Open OSL Editor - Opens the OSL Script Editor. Changes are saved back to this node once you close the OSL Editor window. The Octane Viewport must be open to use this command, and this node must be used by the material.

Copy OSL To Clipboard - Copies the OSL for this node to the system clipboard.

Paste OSL From Clipboard - Pastes the OSL from the system clipboard into this node.

Input User Channels - If the OSL script generates inputs, the plugin will add a Modo User Channel for each input, allowing you to connect Octane nodes to the OSL Projection. Input channels will appear after closing the OSL Editor window.