Mesh Presets with Overrides


Modo Mesh Presets containing Overrides can generally be saved without issues. If you find your Mesh Preset is saving Overrides incorrectly, you will need to save an Assembly Preset instead.


Saving Mesh Presets

To save a Mesh Preset containing Octane Override materials:

  1. Right click the Mesh in the Item List > Presets > Save
  2. Save the LXL file to a path that is visible in your F6 preset browser.


Saving Assembly Presets

To save an Assembly Preset, you need to ensure that all items, material groups and Override assemblies, are placed inside the new assembly.

The following example demonstrates the workflow required to save a working Assembly Preset. We will be using a cube with 2 materials that have Overrides (mat1 and mat2):

  1. In the Render layout > Schematic tab > click "Add new workspace" and call it "MyOctaneAssemblyPreset1".
  2. Click the "Groups" tab to see the new workspace, listed with the other Octane node workspaces.
  3. In the item list, select the mesh and drag it into the Groups tab > "MyOctaneAssemblyPreset1".
  4. In the Groups tab, select the "mat1 Nodes" and "mat2 Nodes" assemblies, and drag them into "MyOctaneAssemblyPreset1".
  5. In the Shader tree, select the mat1 and mat 2 material masks and drag them into Groups tab > "MyOctaneAssemblyPreset1".
  6. In the Schematic view, click the overview button then right click on the "MyOctaneAssemblyPreset1" node > Save Assembly Preset.
  7. Save the LXP file to a path that is visible in your F6 preset browser.


Validating Presets

To validate the preset was saved correctly:

  1. Start a new scene.
  2. Press F6 to open the preset browser and locate the preset.
  3. Double-click the preset to load it.