Light Passes


Light Passes isolate a light source's contribution based on its Light Pass ID. You can combine individual light passes to recreate the original render in post, or to further adjust the individual contributions of each light during post.


Light Passes can be accessed from the Render Toolbar > Render PassesRender passes allow a rendered frame to be further broken down beyond the capabilities of Render Layers. Render Passes vary among render engines but typically they allow an image to be separated into its fundamental visual components such as diffuse, ambient, specular, etc.. button > Layer and Light tab.



The following Light Passes are available:


Assigning Light Pass IDs to Emitters

You can control the Light Pass ID of Modo lights by adjusting the Modo Light > Octane Light > Light Pass ID channel. For Mesh EmittersThe ability for a surface to emit illumination usually described by a Black Body or Texture emission type. textured using nodes, you can adjust the Texture Emission or Black Body node Light Pass ID channel.




The following formulas can be used to reconstruct the Beauty Pass:


Render Result = Ambient Light + Sunlight + Light Pass 1 + Light Pass 2 + Light Pass 3 + Light Pass 4 + Light Pass 5 + Light Pass 6 + Light Pass 7 + Light Pass 8


Render Result = Ambient Light Direct + Ambient Light Indirect + Sunlight Direct + Sunlight Indirect + Light Pass 1 Direct + Light Pass 1 Indirect + Light Pass 2 Direct + Light Pass 2 Indirect + Light Pass 3 Direct + Light Pass 3 Indirect + Light Pass 4 Direct + Light Pass 4 Indirect + Light Pass 5 Direct + Light Pass 5 Indirect + Light Pass 6 Direct + Light Pass 6 Indirect + Light Pass 7 Direct + Light Pass 7 Indirect + Light Pass 8 Direct + Light Pass 8 Indirect