Falloff Map


The Falloff Map node generates a gradient based on viewing angle. It can be used as a mask to blend between 2 textures or materials using a mix node.




Falloff Map Parameters

Mode - The Falloff Map mode:

Minimum Value - This is the value output at Normal angles facing the camera.

Maximum Value - This is the value output at Grazing angles facing away from the camera.

Falloff Skew Factor - Balances the Normal and Grazing angle influence. If set to 1, then the value is proportional to the angle between the Normal and the Camera Ray. For example, a value of 0.5 is equal to 45°. A value of 0.1 leads to almost complete coverage by the grazing value, while a value of 15 leads to almost complete coverage by the Normal value.

Direction - The falloff direction vector used by the Normal vs. Vector 90deg and Normal vs. Vector 180deg modes. Changing the object rotation will not change the Falloff Direction orientation.


NOTE: You can approximate the behavior of glass with a Skew Factor of 8.0 and a Minimum value of 0.034.