Environment settings can be accessed from the Render Toolbar > Environment button.



Octane Environment Parameters

Environment - Controls the Environment type.

Use Modo Environment Power - When enabled, environment power will be controlled by Modo's Shader Tree > Environment > Intensity.

Power - Controls the brightness of the environment.

Daylight Environment Settings - See Daylight Environment for more details.

Texture Environment Settings - See Texture Environment for more details.

Planetary Environment Settings - See Planetary Environment for more details.

Medium - To add an Octane Medium, drag this channel into a schematic workspace, and attach a Medium node to it. See Environment Medium Fog for more details.

Medium Radius - Radius of the environment medium. The environment medium acts as a sphere around the camera position with the specified radius.


Modo Shader Tree Environment Support

The plugin supports the following features in the Modo Shader Tree > Environment:


Modo Environment Item Parameters

Additional settings can be found on the Shader Tree > Environments > Environment Item.



Intensity - Controls the brightness of the environment when Use Modo Environment Power is enabled in the Octane Environment settings.

Visible to Camera / Reflection / Refraction Rays - See Visible Environment for details.

Environment Use - Octane allows you to use 2 environments at the same time. One for lighting and another for visibility.

Settings - Opens the Environment settings for the select environment.