Beauty Passes


Beauty Passes provide a rendered view of different aspects lighting the scene such as shadows, highlights, reflections, illumination, and color. Beauty passes are rendered together with the main beauty pass.


Beauty Passes can be accessed from the Render Toolbar > Render PassesRender passes allow a rendered frame to be further broken down beyond the capabilities of Render Layers. Render Passes vary among render engines but typically they allow an image to be separated into its fundamental visual components such as diffuse, ambient, specular, etc.. button > Beauty and Post Proc tab.



Beauty Pass Parameters

Raw - Changes the beauty passes so they become raw render passes. This is done by dividing out the color of the BxDF of the surface hit by the camera ray. You can composite these passes together by multiplying the raw pass with its matching filter pass:


The following Beauty Passes are available:



The following formula can be used to reconstruct the Beauty Pass:


Render Result = Diffuse Direct + Diffuse Indirect + Reflection Direct + Reflection Indirect + Refraction + Transmission + Subsurface Scattering + Emitters + Environment (with Alpha ChannelA greyscale image used to determine which areas of a texture map are opaque and which areas are transparent. enabled)