Sine Wave Texture


The Sine Wave, Saw Wave, and Triangle Wave textures create various banding or striped patterns. To control the pattern position, connect a Transform node to the texture’s Scale attribute.

These textures have a single Offset parameter that adjusts the wave bands' position. Figures 1, 2, and 3 compare the different results from each texture applied to a model.


Figure 1: A Saw Wave texture applied to a model



Figure 2: A Sine Wave texture applied to a model



Figure 3: A Triangle Wave texture applied to a model


The primary differences between the Saw, Sine, and Triangle Wave textures are:

You can create interesting effects by using one of the Wave textures as an input for another Procedural texture. Figure 4 shows the result of using a Sine Wave as the input for the Offset of a Turbulence texture.


Figure 4: A Sine wave is used to control the offset of a Turbulence texture