Octane VDB


The Octane VDBDreamworks’ open-source C++ library housing the data structures and tools implementation for storing and manipulating volume data, like smoke and other amorphous materials. The purpose of OpenVDB is mostly to have an efficient way to store volumetric data in memory and on disk. It has evolved into a more general toolkit that also lets you accomplish other things, such as fracturing volumes, converting meshes to volumes and vice versa. However, it does not include a computational fluid dynamics solver, and therefore it cannot procedurally generate smoke or fire. OpenVDB is fully integrated as a library in OctaneRender. For more information about OpenVDB, please see http://www.openvdb.org/. menu item creates an OctaneRender® Volume in the scene where VDB files can be imported (figure 1). More detailed information on VDB volumes can be found in the Effects section of this manual.


Figure 1: Adding an Octane Volume to the scene via the Octane VDB menu item