Marble Texture


The Marble texture is a Procedural texture that can create marble-like noise (figure 1). It is similar to a Turbulence texture, but more fine-tuned to create marble-like patterns.


Figure 1: The Marble texture applied to a Diffuse materialUsed for dull, non-reflecting materials or mesh emitters. on the Octane logo


Marble Texture Attributes

Power - Controls the texture's overall brightness.

Offset - Controls the position of Marble noise details.

Octaves - Adjusts the scale of detail in the noise.

Omega - Adjusts the noise detail's sharpness.

Variance - Controls the detail variation in the Marble texture.

Scale - Accepts an Octane Transform node, which can change the noise's position and scale.

Projection - Accepts an Octane Projection node, which determines how the noise maps to the surface. If left blank, the object's UV texture coordinates determine the mapping.