Gamma Settings


GammaThe function or attribute used to code or decode luminance for common displays. The computer graphics industry has set a standard gamma setting of 2.2 making it the most common default for 3D modelling and rendering applications. determines luminance for computer monitors. By default, the Maya® Render View is set to ACES 1.0 SDR-Video sRGB. This displays images with a Gamma correction of 2.2, even if the rendering is done without any Gamma correction. Octane for Maya renders images without any Gamma correction, a Gamma of 1.0 or sometimes referred to as RAWIn HDR imaging, this refers to minimally processed HDR image formats. Raw files can have 12 or 14 bits per color channel, although the available dynamic range might be cut down due to noise..


Figure 1: The Render View's Gamma setting


You can set the Gamma for each camera in a scene from the Octane Imager attributes.


Figure 2: The Gamma settings for specific cameras in a scene