Texture Nodes


Float, Gaussian, and RGB Spectrum Texture Nodes


Texture Image Node

In order to properly utilize Image TexturesTextures are used to add details to a surface. Textures can be procedural or imported raster files., the mesh must be UV mapped prior to export from the Modeling software. User can also use the UVMAP node to add basic cubic mapping to the objects without UV maps, or the new projection nodes to support the native Octane mapping functions.

You can select the image from the Lightwave images list, or enter a image file name. In the node you can adjust the texture power and the texture gamma correction. There is also a switch to invert the texture.

Border mode control sets the repeat texture behavior out of the 0..1 UV range. It is also possible adjust the input UV map with the translation, rotation and scale settings.


In Octane each object can have now up to 3 UV sets. You have the UV Set option in the Texture Image node to select the UV map that will be used by this texture. Currently the LightWave UV map names are not available for this node, so you only can see 1, 2 or 3 as map names.