Octane Hair

Octane 2.0 supports hair rendering. An optimized hair render primitive is now available to allow rendering of hair or fur while reducing memory usage by 20 times compared to previous processes. OctaneRenderâ„¢ 2.0 will also simulate the distribution and fluidity of movement of those primitives. Hair rendering is mainly a render feature and the geometry needs to be provided via the scene.

Octane for Lightwave supports hair rendering from two vertex polygon chains that you can get from the Modeler FiberFX plugin or from ZBrush. The Layout FiberFX plugin is also supported in LightWave 2015 (see the next section).

To support the Octane hair rendering from two vertex polygon chains inside the Lightwave Layout, there is a new tab in the Octane object properties custom object plugin.


You need to add this plugin to the object with the two vertex polygon chains and enable the polygonal hair option to render this polygons as Octane hair. You can set also the root and tip thickness in meters.