Installing Octane for Lightwave


In Octane 3.x, the user no longer needs to copy the “Octane.dll”, “Octane.dat” and “tbb.dll” files to the LightWave/bin folder. Now all the Octane core files are deployed in the same folder used by the plugin .p file, and the user doesn’t need to copy or move them to any other place. All the users updating the plugin from a previous version should remove the old “Octane.dll” and “Octane.dat” files from the LightWave/bin folder to avoid problems. DON’T REMOVE THE “tbb.dll” FILE FROM THE LIGHTWAVE/BIN FOLDER BECAUSE IT IS USED ALSO BY LIGHTWAVE.


Download the Windows .zip install file. Inside the install file, there are the plugins for all the LightWave supported versions, a custom LW menu bar file, and the release notes.

Add the plugin to the Lightwave Layout. The Octane.dll, Octane.dat and tbb.dll files must be in the same folder used by the plugin .p file.

Install the custom menu bar to get access to the Octane features.


Update the plugin is like install it, but before adding the plugin you must be sure that in your Layout the Octane master plugin is not working to allow reinstall the plugin (open the master plugins panel and remove any Octane plugin master available).


This plugin needs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 SP4 Redistributable Package. If you can’t install the plugin, or get a install error, perhaps you need to download and install it.

Download link.