Export Scene to Alembic - Orbx

It is possible to export the animated sequence to an AlembicAn open format used to bake animated scenes for easy transfer between digital content creation tools. and Orbx files while rendering the scene.

The Alembic file is going to store all the geometric information available in the scene, including the objects animated transformations and deformations, instances and hair. This Alembic file can be used in Standalone or in other 3D applications. Remember that the Alembic file is designed to share geometric information, so shading information is never stored in the .abc file.

Additionally it is possible to export a full animated .Orbx file that store all the Alembic information plus all the scene shading and render settings, ready to be used in Standalone.

Use the options available in the Alembic tab of the render target root node options panel to configure the export options. You need to render the sequence using F10 to get the animated Alembic/Orbx files.

NOTE: You must add the .abc extension to the Alembic file to avoid problems in the scene export functions.