Emission Nodes


Mesh EmittersThe ability for a surface to emit illumination usually described by a Black Body or Texture emission type. allow an object to be used as a light source. This can be used with both Texture and Sun / Sky lighting systems.

In order to use a mesh as a light source, it needs to be changed to a Diffuse materialUsed for dull, non-reflecting materials or mesh emitters. type. The Emission parameter has two different options:

Emission nodes have a Sampling Rate parameter to control how much weight is given to the emitter when picking an emitter to sample. This allows you to choose which light sources will receive more samples. The emission sampling rate can be set to 0, which means that the emitter will be excluded from the direct light calculation.


Blackbody Emission Node

The following settings are listed for the Blackbody emission set­tings, but many of the settings are shared with the Texture emission settings. The main difference is whether the colour comes from the Blackbody temperature or from the texture settings of the diffuse material.


Texture Emission Node