UDIM Image


The UDIM image node sets up a UV tile grid similar to UDIM image tile formats (Figure 1). These tiles formats are generated in modeling and texturing applications such as ZBrush® and Substance Painter.


Figure 1: UDIM image parameters


Use the <UDIM> tag to configure the UDIM textures. For example:



UDIM Image Parameters


Controls the image brightness. Lowering the value causes the image to appear darker on the surface.


Color Space

Determines the color space of the image texture.


Legacy GammaThe function or attribute used to code or decode luminance for common displays. The computer graphics industry has set a standard gamma setting of 2.2 making it the most common default for 3D modelling and rendering applications.

Controls the image's luminance and can tune or color-correct the image but can only be used with the Linear sRGB+Legacy Gamma color space.



Inverts the image's color output values.


Linear sRGB Invert

This option is used to swap the order of gamma correction and image color conversion.


Empty Tile Color

The color used if no image is loaded for a tile.



The file path name of the image texture.


Grid Size

Determines the size of the image tile grid.



Forces the texture file to load again.


Image Chosen Layer Name

Indicates the chosen layer name, if the current image has multiple layers.


IESAn IES light is the lighting information representing the real-world lighting values for specific light fixtures. For more information, visit http://www.ies.org/lighting/. Photometry Mode

Can be used to adjust the normalization of data from an IES file.


Channel Format

Determines the proper format of the imported IES profile texture.