Turbulence Procedural


The Turbulence node can create many different effects based on banded noise, such as wood, marble, flesh, and more.

Figure 1: The Turbulence texture applied to a sphere object



Figure 2: The node network for the Turbulence texture from Figure 1


Turbulence Parameters



A multiplier that controls the texture's overall brightness.



Shifts the Turbulence pattern in 3D space.



Sets the scale of the noise detail.



Controls the detail in the underlying fractal pattern.


Use Turbulence

Toggles on the turbulent noise calculation, which is multiplied against procedural noise.



Inverts the values of the Noise texture.


GammaThe function or attribute used to code or decode luminance for common displays. The computer graphics industry has set a standard gamma setting of 2.2 making it the most common default for 3D modelling and rendering applications.

Adjusts the Noise texture's luminance values.



Sets the position, scale, and rotation of the texture on the surface.



Sets the way the texture projects onto the surface.