Triplanar Procedural


The Triplanar texture provides easy assignment of 2D textures on objects that do not have UV coordinates. The node works by projecting one or more textures along either object or world space X, Y, and Z axes. In Figure 1, the Checks texture node connects to all six Texture Position inputs (TexturePosX, TextureNegX, TexturePosY, TextureNegY, TexturePosZ, TextureNegZ) of the Triplanar node.

Figure 1: The Triplanar node used to map a Checks texture from six directions around a sphere



Figure 2: The node network for the Checks texture mapped to the sphere in Figure 1


Triplanar Parameters

Blend Angle

The angle on an edge to blend two adjacent textures.


Coordinate Space

The orientation (Object or World) used for the texture blending.



Controls the Triplanar textures through a connected Transform node.


Positive And Negative Axes

Specifies the Procedural or Image textures assigned to these axes.