Smooth Voronoi Contours Procedural


The Smooth Voronoi Contours texture node generates a Voronoi pattern that is typically used for fractured shapes, however, this node generates a smoothed version of a Voronoi fracture (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Smooth Voronoi Contours node and it's associated parameters


Smooth Voronoi Contours Parameters

Frequency - Determines the base color underlying the other iridescent colors.

Time - The animation time stamp used to pan the textures across a surface.

GlossyThe measure of how well light is reflected from a surface in the specular direction, the amount and way in which the light is spread around the specular direction, and the change in specular reflection as the specular angle changes. Used for shiny materials such as plastics or metals. - Adjusts the color swatches to provide a glossy-friendly Voronoi pattern.

Transform Input - Positions, scales, and rotates the surface texture.

ProjectionInput - Sets how the texture projects onto the surface.