Ridged Fractal Procedural


The Ridged Fractal node produces a fractal pattern in grayscale format. This generates a memory-efficient texture with ridged waves and fractal patterns (Figure 1).


Figure 1: The Ridged Fractal parameters and a typical node network setup


Ridged Fractal Parameters


Power - Controls the texture's overall brightness.

Ridge Height - Controls the fractal pattern values. Lower values yield a darker pattern, and higher values produce a lighter pattern.

Octaves - Controls the amount of detail in the texture.

Omega - Controls the details in the underlying fractal pattern.

Lacunarity - Controls the size of the gaps in the fractal pattern.

TransformInput - Accepts the input of a Transform node.

Projection Input - Accepts a Projection node, which determines how the noise maps to the surface. If left blank, the object's UV texture coordinates determine the mapping.