Curvature Procedural


The Curvature Texture node can be used to alter the look of the edges of a surface (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Curvature node applied to a scene object



Figure 2: The Curvature node used as the Amount input on a Mix Texture node


Curvature Parameters


Determines the type of curvature to sample.



Determines the overall strength of the curvature effect.



Specifies the maximum area affects by the curvature effect.


Radius Map

Determines the proportion of the maximum area affected by the curvature effect.



Specifies the offset from the surface used to sample the neighboring geometry.



Determines the tolerance for small curvature and small angles between polygons



Controls the ray direction with respect to the normal of the surface where 0 means the curvature is sampled straight in the direction of the surface normal, and 1 means the sampling rays are shot perpendicular to the surface normal.


Include Object Mode

Determines which objects should be included in calculating the curvature value.


Invert Normal

Inverts the normal direction when calculating the curvature value.